Villager Parade Seconds

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These pins are Seconds, Which means they are not high enough quality to sell at full price.

Isabelle 2nds mainly have scratches vertically on the enamel.

Cherry has some sagging enamel as well as some very severe enamel scratching and damage. These will be marked as 3rds.

Julia mainly has missing enamel.

Whiney mainly has dented enamel.

HOWEVER, these are not always the case with 2nds. I will pick randomly from the pile, and it might have a completely separate issue such as, enamel not being flush with the metal, dents, scratches, specks in the enamel and missing enamel.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


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Felyne, Beau, Mable, Fauna, Julia, Apollo, Isabelle, Whitney, Cherry, Cherry 3rds