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Hi there!
Welcome to my monthly pin club.

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On Patreon- you can pledge to the proper tier and receive a high quality exclusive enamel pin each month!
Most pins will be pony themed.
Once a pin is made and shipped, it will not be produced again, so please make sure to pledge if you see a pin you like! 

As a pin club member, you will get access to a private discord, polls for new pin ideas, A private store including past pins and everything I post to Patreon.
Shipping is included in the tiers, but please make sure to pick the correct tier to match the place you live.

Here’s my discord! 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via anything below!
Twitter: @Ruefers
Discord: Ruef#2602

Shipping may be delayed due to Covid-19. Please contact us with any questions! Dismiss