We do not offer collectors standard pins.

A Grade

A grade pins are sold for full price in our store and are the highest quality pins we offer.

A grade pins may include minor flaws such as:

  • Small scuffs or scratches
  • Small specks, dots or bubbles in the enamel
  • Flaws on the backside of the pin
  • Any imperfections that are only visible when inspected very up-close or at a certain angle or in certain lighting
  • Uneven Enamel
  • Misplaced glitter or a small amount of wrong colored glitter in glitter enamel

B Grade “Seconds”

B grade pins may include:

  • Large scratches or scuffs that span across the metal and enamel
  • Marks or stains that are visible on the metal
  • Missing (only in smaller areas) or very low filled enamel

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